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The Dolls are the brainchild of manager Paul who loved punk rock back in the 70's wanted to recreate the intensity and passion he remembered from going to gigs as a young man. The result is a high energy, passionate, on-stage extravaganza guaranteed to get audiences jumping.

Sharing his ideas with soon to be front girl Nancy, they set about creating the phenomenon that is The Sex Pissed Dolls.

‘We needed great musicians who had a passion for edgy music and even edgier behaviour to create a wall of sound for Nancy to bounce off’ Paul recalls.

In true rock n roll style the band were initially booked in a local 350 capacity venue without having another band member in place. Not prepared to compromise, Paul finally found three other members with just a month until the gig.

The band had initial problems – in both location, language and equipment (or rather lack of) however after two meetings and short rehearsals the world first saw the Dolls perform in public on 23 May 2014.

Paul laughs as he remembers that first gig, ‘ There was fighting between band members during sound check, four of the songs had never been played properly through …there were more cock ups that night than in an average Blackpool brothel … but despite that there were magical moments.

The remainder of 2014 saw the original line-up change, and they had four more gigs.

The line up now consisted of Connie Rotter, Kitty Vacant, Anna Key, Jilly Idol all led by the stunning Nancy Doll.

The girls original and flamboyant style met an appreciative audience, and after a handful of gigs are now on a full UK tour playing prestigious venues with a rapidly growing fan base know affectionately as The Dolls Barmy Army and a following that most 15 year old bands can only dream of.

‘We have a great team now and adding Nigel our stage manager and guitar technician to the mix means the sound is so far removed from that first ever gig … it’s hard to believe it’s only been a few months.’

The performance and energy you witness at a Sex Pissed Dolls gig has to be seen to be believed. Fans travel hundreds of miles just to be there.